Connectall Communications Ltd.

Your Telecommunications Contractor.

Connectall Communications Ltd. is a well-established, locally owned and has been providing CATV Installations, Directional Boring and Construction needs to the CATV and Broadband industry since 2000. We are dedicated to strengthening your business and our industry by enhancing the quality of your installation and construction services. Connectall maintains a presence of "Technical Perfection", allowing cable operators to operate Business-As-Usual. We are dedicated to providing you with a staff that meets and exceeds your expectations.

We place the technical needs of any subscriber at #1.

Each contact a Connectall Communications technician has with your customer is an opportunity to up-sell and cross-sell. A routine service call can translate to a subscriber increasing their order to include premium channels, Internet access, home networking, or any added service you want us to promote.

With every site visit, Connectall Communications field technicians are also trained to conduct a quick audit of the surrounding homes to identify non-subscribers. These low-cost highly qualified leads are noted and turned over to our direct sales department.

Connectall Communications proactive door-to-door sales campaigns and system audits produce benchmark-breaking results. From standard to premium cable TV, telephone services or broadband access, Connectall can be your sales force partner.

Three good reasons why Connectall Communications is your Opportunity Crew.